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Feeling stuck on your coulda-shoulda Merry-go-round?

ID-100180576Tired of the ‘I can’t today because…..’ treadmill?

Do you somehow know you are ‘more’ yet don’t know how to access the real you?

Are you thinking that a happy, fun life is beyond reach?

Are you looking at your life these days through a lens that has become cloudy?



Now is your time to get clear and confident about who you really are and what you want so you can step out of the ‘I cant’s’, ‘I should’s’ and ‘ought-tos’ into the freedom of living a joy-filled life as the ‘real’ You!


ID-10042397Joan intuitively listens to the Whole  you, then lovingly and gently guides you as you learn to:  unfold the layers of limiting thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you, quickly get to the bottom of what’s not working so you can create something new,  release old patterns of coulda-shoulda-woulda forgive, let go, live in the moment (where all the ‘good stuff’ is),  connect with who you really are,  trust yourself, experience Joy everyday, use the Law of Attraction (and other fabulous laws of the Universe) to be the deliberate creator of your life,  hear the truth of your Soul,  connect with God/Source in deeper ways



The good news:  At Come to the Edge Today! coaching with Joan, you will remember andID-1003687 experience (everyday) the REAL you:  A  powerhouse of joy A lover of life who loves yourself and others easily  A creator who can’t wait to get your hands in the creative clay of your life experience  An infinite vessel overflowing with every kind of abundance imaginable  A healthy, vibrant being bursting with energy  A being so loved that worthiness is not an issue  A creator so expectant of wonderful things to happen, that they do!


If you are ready to get off that merry-go-round and experience the freedom of life as the ‘real’ You, contact Joan Kappes today!: (subject:  coaching)


About Joan:

Joan online photo 2014Joan Kappes is a lover of life and adventure, living each day with joy and intention.  Joan is a certified Life Coach, specializing in uncovering limiting beliefs and the effective use of the Law of Attraction.  She is also an author, talk show host, retreat designer and creator of the interactive coaching site,  “Come to the Edge Today!” Over the years she has worn many hats: Mom, Wife, Friend, Traveler, Life Coach, Youth Counselor, Business Owner, Entrepreneur.  Woven into her journeys, and especially today, she remains committed to helping people  remember, rediscover and reclaim who they really are so they can live their life of joy.   Her motto: “The destination is great, but it’s the journey we came for…it’s the joy-filled journey that IS life!”


“Joan Kappes is a fabulous life coach! She intuitively knows what questions to ask so that you can deepen your understanding. She knows how to stretch you yet never further than you can go at one time. It is evident that Joan is meant to be a life coach because she is always patiently listening and asking questions that allows the individual to ponder and grow.   Joan allows people to arrive at their destination on their own but never alone because she is walking beside them.  Every session with her is life changing!” – B.F.

“I loved your workshop about beliefs – it gave me tools and insights that are really making a difference. Thank you so much.” – M.R.

“Joan is an amazing Life Coach.  It is her calling.  People are drawn to her charisma and energy because she lives her life the way we all want to.  She lives her life from her soul, and touches the lives of everyone she meets.  Not only does Joan live an extraordinary life, she teaches others how to do the same.  If you met her, you would want what it is she has.  She has always been a life coach.  She was sent to help all of us learn to live the life we deserve and dream of.  She is an angel among us.” – K.T.

“Joan Kappes has such an amazing depth to her Soul and Heart that has impacted my life beyond what words can convey.  Her wisdom, passion, clarity and complete desire  to guide people to expand and create a full and meaningful life is immeasurable. I, without a doubt recommend Joan if you are ready to play with the magic of the Universe, receive highly valuable tools and be 100% supported while creating the life that you desire!”  – C.L.


“Come to the edge!” Life said. “Come and swim in my Joy!
You can laugh and play, let your fears melt away.  Come to the edge today!”                           
Trish Bruxvoort Colligan


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