Thankful for You!

This year, my thoughts are focused simply on You:  I am thankful for YOU.

YOU” ….that glorious word that encompasses all of us.

You are the smile of the stranger that greets me in the grocery store.  You are the greeting at Starbucks that says “Have a great day!!!”  You are the devoted person striving to bring peace to your corner of the world.  You are the politician striving to do your best.  You are the catalyst in my life helping me to be ‘more’.  You are the teenager, longing to be heard through newly discovered talent.  You are the baby, reminding me that we all are part of God.  You are the person determined to release resistance so wellness can come flooding through.  You are the one who shows me how to ‘let go’ of the oars so I can gently go with the flow of well-being.  You are the one who gives a thousand times a day….just because it feels good.   You are the one who shares your creativity and inspiration, making our world a better place.  You are the one who shares joy with the world.  You are the one who makes a difference by faithfully being who you are.  You are the piece of the puzzle that makes my life ‘picture perfect’.

I am thankful for You………Yes, You, for you are part of the Whole of which we all belong.

This wonderful video (below) beautifully reminds me of the Oneness that we all share as “You”, as “Us”, as “We”.  Enjoy!  Thanks to Matt Harding and Melissa Nixon for this amazing video!

Thankful for you – Joan Kappes


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Election Results, A Cockatoo, An Ibex & You

Every subject is really two subjects – what is wanted and what is not wanted. Today is a perfect day to see and experience this.  Yesterday, U.S. citizens exercised our right to vote and today we are experiencing the results.  I thought it would be fun to play with this a little as there is much to be experienced from a ‘Come to the Edge Today‘ point of view!

If you are feeling jubilant about the outcome of the election, perhaps you feel like this Cockatoo (watch video below now)


If you are not pleased with the outcome, perhaps you feel like this Ibex (watch video below now)


(Over the span of my voting career, I have felt like both of these wonderful creatures!)

Today, I want to playfully offer some ideas for really living this experience and growing from it.

Today’s “leaping exercise” If you are feeling hope and joy and elation, NOW is a great time to ‘milk’ it and increase your vibration and good feelings!  For fun, watch the video again and dance with this darling bird!  Then, make a list of 10 things you are hopeful, joyful and elated about (it can be about the election or about any subject).  The point is to ‘milk’ feeling good.  Why?  Because, we get the essence of what we think (and feel) – so, if we are feeling good and deliberately focus on better feeling thoughts, more good thoughts will come which will lead to better life experiences (that’s the way it works, so might as well be deliberate about it)!

If you are feeling somewhat like the Ibex today, this is ok too.   When I feel this way, I give myself permission to ‘get it out’ and sulk and be crabby.  I give myself, for example, an hour or a day to get it out, knowing that once I do, I can refocus and move on.  So, for fun, play back the video and pretend you are the Ibex reacting to the outcome of the election.

Now, here is the really great part – if you want to feel better NOW,  you can!  Even though you are disappointed and perhaps fearful or resigned (or whatever you are feeling), you can refocus to feel better NOW!  Will you be dancing like the Cockatoo in 5 minutes?  No, but you can feel better than you do right now.

How to do this?  By refocusing using ‘general’ thoughts.  Simply, they are thoughts that are general in nature – they are not specific.  It’s THE best place to begin to feel better.  How to be general on any topic?

1.  Stay general in your thoughts when feeling bad – it will help turn your thoughts around, little by little.  Getting too specific with your thoughts when feeling down will just make it worse.  Following are some examples of ‘general’ thoughts surrounding the election.  As you read them, feel if any of them give you some relief.  Then, build upon those that give you relief.  General thought examples:

  • “I like living in the U.S. where each citizen has a right to vote”
  • “I am glad I voted”
  • “I know that Americans want the best for the country”
  • “Some years my candidates win and other years they do not…I know that this process has been in existence for 236 years.  It’s a good system.”
  • “Progress seems slow, but over time, I notice that we learn and grow as individuals and citizens”

Write 10 statements of your own that are general in nature, feeling for the thoughts that give you relief.  Feel the relief of them.  Focus on these thoughts and allow other ‘downstream’ thoughts come to you.  See what happens!

2.  I suggest a 4 minute process (which can be used around any subject), called “The Focus Wheel” process.  Click the link for a video on how to use this powerful process.

No matter how you are feeling now, choose to feel better, find thoughts that give your relief and the magic of the Universe will deliver more than you can imagine!

Oh, the freedom of choice! – Joan Kappes


Videos courtesy of YouTube – Cockatoo videoIbex video

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It’s Time To Turn Off The Political Ads…Find Out Why…

This campaign season’s ads are something, aren’t they?  Wow.  Can they get any more negative?  From the ad’s viewpoint, it seems that everyone is a crook, the electorate is incompetent (because clearly we ‘don’t understand’) and ‘the other side’ is out to get us all.  Hmmmm…Many of these thoughts never even occurred to me until I saw the ads (pick an ad – any ad, as they are similar).

Finally, I asked myself:  “Do I need to surround myself with such divisiveness?  No!  I’ve had enough”… because I know that this is not who I am and this is not who we are.  We are much, much more!  After all, each of us are made from the same Source and the same Love!!!   I have decided to think my own thoughts and make my own choices.  I do not need this negative influence to divide me from my fellow citizens or to fearfully influence my choice on election day.

I have turned off the ads.  All of them.  The freedom  is instantaneous!  It feels great!  No more accusations, falsehoods, fear mongering, manipulation, degradation and on and on…..It feels good!

 So, my fellow citizens, in the next few days before the election, I ask you to consider this:

Turn off all political ads from now to election day.

Choose instead, to make your own decisions!  Choose to no longer be influenced by fearful, lack-filled, inaccurate, mean-spirited ads.

Choose to break free of who they say we are because we ARE more.  ALL of us are more!  Deep down, we know who we are: We are united.  We are part of the Whole.  We come from Love.  Choose to let your choice come from a space of Love and peace and Oneness!

We have a choice and it begins now.  Let the choice of who receives our vote come from within.   Let us be guided not by fear and divisiveness, but by the truth and Love that lives within.

Today’s “leaping exercise”:  Go within.  Find a quiet, uninterrupted space with the intention of allowing yourself to let go of any fearful, hateful lenses that you have been seeing through and allow yourself to be guided to vote through the lens of Love.  Breathe deeply.  See those negatives surrounded by a bubble.  Gently watch that bubble float away.  Next, turn your attention to what remains:  Feel and bask in the Love that is and always has been your real reality.  Simply allow yourself be wrapped in peace and Love and security.  Be surrounded by it.  Become One with it.  Enjoy it.

Once you are experiencing this peaceful reality, (and only then), ask for guidance about who to vote for.  Ask for the answer viewed through the lens of Love and peace (rather than from who is right and who is wrong.)

Each of us may have a different answer.  This is ok.  All is well.

The point is, on Tuesday, vote from your heart and connection with God/Source rather than a disconnection experienced as fear and suspicion.  Proudly vote ‘knowing’ that you are voting from Love.

This is freedom.

Feeling free – Joan Kappes

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Your Invitation To Soar!

“My Dearest Love,

The next level cannot be climbed.

You are meant to fly there.

Let go and enjoy the flight.

You see, you already have taken flight; now it’s time to head out with full awareness and relish playing in the sea breezes and experience the wonders of the ocean currents.

You are meant to fly!

 Fly with complete abandon…

Trust with full knowing…


Because, My Dearest One, We are flying together.”

With deepest Love for who you already are,                                           I AM, God/Source


Today’s “leaping” exercise:  Prior to watching this video of birds in flight, (see below) spend a few minutes becoming clear on what your heart is telling you is the ‘next level’ for your life.  (If you are not sure, use your imagination and decide upon something you’d like to experience.) Pretend that the bird in the video represents your experience of this ‘next level’.

In addition, envision that you and God/Source are One, and both of you are this bird –  sharing the same wings, sight, smells, sounds and feelings.  Imagine, as you fly that you are experiencing your ‘next level’ together, through the eyes of God/Source!  What are you seeing?  Smelling?  Hearing?  What does the wind feel like?  What does it feel like to soar with no boundaries and no limits?  What is God/Source showing you about soaring to your ‘next level’?  (Repeat video, if you’d like to continue flying!)

As you safely land back at “The Edge”, record your experiences and insights in your journal.  Know that you have an open invitation to soar with God/Source anytime you’d like!

It’s time to “Come to the Edge Today!” and soar – Joan Kappes to “Come to the Edge Today” to receive (via email) life-changing ‘how-to’s, inspiration, insights and as always, the invitation from Life to ‘Come to the Edge Today!’ so you can finally live your life in joy! See column at the right of this page where it says “Subscribe to Come to the Edge Today!”.  Enter your first name and email address, then hit submit”.  Your privacy is protected and respected.

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A Parable: Choosing a Room or a Mansion

This is a story of a human named Wo.*  As all humans in his culture Wo lived in a house, but Wo was really only concerned with the room that he lived in, since it was uniquely his own.  His room was beautiful and he was charged with keeping it that way…which he did.

Wo lived a good life.  He learned the things that made him feel happy, and he would find objects to hang on the wall that he could look at, to make him happy.  Wo also learned of the things that made him feel sad, and he learned how to hang these things on the wall when he wished to be sad.  Wo also learned the things that made him angry, and he found things to drag out and place on the wall that he could turn to when he chose to be angry.

As with other humans, Wo had many fears.  Even though he had the basics in life, he feared other humans and certain situations.  He feared the humans and situations that would bring change, for he felt secure and stable with the way things were, and he had worked hard to get them to that state.  Wo feared the situations that seemingly had control over his stable room, and he feared the humans who controlled these situations.  Several time throughout his life, Wo saw motion and a new doorway (with strange writing on the door) in the corner of his room.  Wo was a spiritual person and prayed to God that the humans and situations he feared (like the motion in the corner and the new doorway) would go away so as not to create changes, so his room could remain without change…and God answered Wo’s many requests each time he asked throughout his life.

When Wo was 50, he became ill and died.  Wo arose from his bed only to discover that his earthly body remained; he was in spirit form.  He saw the motion in the corner and this time it drew closer.

Wo now saw that the motion was actually two entities who approached.  The white figures gleamed as though they had a light from within.  One of the figures spoke to Wo:  “Come, dear one, it’s time to go.”  He was starting to remember how familiar all this was…he was filled with a wonderful, unexplainable feeling. One of the entities took his hand and led him directly toward the door with the strange writing on it.  The door opened and all three went through it.

He found himself in a long hallway with doors to rooms on each side.  Wo thought, “This is indeed a far larger house than I had imagined!”  Wo noticed the first door with more odd writing on it.  “What is in this first door on the right?”  Without a word the white figure opened the door and motioned for Wo to enter.  As Wo entered he was amazed.  Stacked from floor to ceiling were riches beond his wildest dreams!  There were gold bars, pearls and diamonds.  In one corner alone there were enough rubies and precious stones for an entire kingdom.  He looked at his white, glowing companions and said “What is this place?  The larger white one spoke and said, “This is your room of abundance, had you wished to enter it.  It belongs to you even now and will remain here for you in the future.”

As they returned to the hallway Wo asked what was in the first room to the left…another door with writing that somehow was starting to make sense.  As the white one opened the door he said “This is your room of peace, had you wished to use it.”  Wo entered the room with his friends, only to be surrounded by a thick white fog.  The fog seemed to be alive, for it immediately encased his body, and Wo breathed it in.  He was overcome with comfort, and knew he would never be afraid again.  He felt peace where there had never been any before.

Wo again stepped into the hallway.  He had changed.  He looked at his companions and recognized them.  “You are the guides,” Wo stated matter of factly.  “No,” said the large one, “we are your guides.”  In perfect love they continued.  “We have been here since your birth for only one reason: to love you and help show you the doorway.  You were afraid and asked for us to retreat, and we did.  We are in service to you in love, and we honor your incarnation of expression.”  Wo felt no reprimand in their words.  He realized that they were not in judgment of him, but in honor of him, and he felt their love.

As he was led down the hallway there were doors marked HEALING, and another marked JOY.  He began to realize what he had missed.  And as if they knew his thoughts, the guides said, “Do not be reproachful with your spirit, for it is inappropriate and does not serve your magnificence.” He looked back down the hallway from where he had first entered and saw the writing on the door the writing that had originally frightened him.  The writing was a name!… it was HIS name, his real name…and He now fully understood.

He turned to walk toward the light at the end of the hallway.  He had been here before.  Wo was going home.


*To read the parable in its entirety: The Kryon Writings-Don’t Think Like a Human! PP 76-81 Copyright 1994  


Today’s Come to the Edge “leaping” exercise:  Find a quiet, relaxing place where you can be uninterrupted for about 15-20 minutes.   – the one with your name on it!  Breathe deeply and clear your mind. Imagine you are in your earthly room. You notice a new doorway in the corner of the room.  You see motion in this corner but you are not afraid.  The motion is your guides.  You allow them to draw near.  Notice their essence:  their color, smell, aura.  Take note of how they appear and sound to you.  They ask you to go with them through the doorway.  You eagerly agree.  Together, the three of you go through the doorway. Notice the number of doorways in your hallway.  What is written on each?  You eagerly open each door to see what is inside.  Take your time discovering as there is no hurry and your guides are pleased to share this with you.  Notice the Love and Peace that is present in your hallway and rooms.  What riches are available to you?  What have you discovered?  When you are complete, your guides lovingly take you back to your earthly room.  They assure you that they are always present, always available to help you open the doors to experience (in this lifetime) what you have just discovered.  Ask them for guidance and assistance in opening the doors and riches that are already available, awaiting your allowing.  Thank them for this journey.  You open your eyes and eagerly anticipate seeing the evidence!  “Ask and it is Given”!

The fullness of your life is awaiting you – just “Come to the Edge Today” and ask – Joan Kappes

Photos courtesy of Google Images

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A New Way To Pray

Recently, 3 long time friends told me they have cancer.

What does one do with that?

“I’ll pray for you”, or “you are in my prayers” is what immediately came to my mind and heart.

But, what does this mean?

What do I pray for?

How can I know their deepest life intentions?

How do I know the desires within the depths of their soul?

I’ve pondered this for years.  The ‘logical’ answer of praying for healing or whatever I think would be best for them may not be their true heart’s desire.  So, how can I support them and pray for them while respecting their unknown intentions?

The answer was gifted to me about a year ago,  It is wonder-full, simple, and very powerful (for both the person I am praying for and me)!

The answer:  Send them Love!  .

Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe.  According to the Wise Ones throughout the ages, Love is what binds everything together and makes us whole.

The power of Love is beyond comprehension yet everyone benefits when we call upon it.  We don’t really need to know how it works, just that it works.  (Kind of like the electricity in our homes.  We don’t know how it works, but we know it works wonders when the switch is turned on.)

Why is this a powerful way to pray?  Here are 6 Life-giving reasons:

  1. I can actively support them
  2. I honor the free will of their heart/soul (and it frees me not to have to think of what to pray for)
  3. They receive the power of Love and can use it in ways that most benefit them
  4. I actively trust that God/Source and my friend are using this Love for his/her highest good
  5. I can ‘let go’, knowing they are strengthened, cared for and “Loved”
  6. I personally benefit as this life-giving power of Love first flows through me

Today’s ‘Come to the Edge’ “leaping” exercise:  Today, we are practicing this new form of prayer, sending Love to another person.  You will be using the gift of your imagination for this prayer.  Ready to give it a try?  Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down.  Take several deep breaths.  (Let the thoughts of the day go for a few minutes.)  Continue your deep breathing.  Close your eyes and focus your attention on your heart area.  Feel it.  Be aware of it.  Now, see and feel the warmth of a beam of light entering your heart (this is the Love energy).  Enjoy it.  Feel it.  Allow it to grow.  After ‘connecting’ with it and experiencing it for a few minutes, focus on the person you’d like to pray for.  Picture them in your mind with as much detail as possible.

Next, imagine you are sending this beam of light, this Love energy – from your heart to their heart.  See it.  Allow yourself to experience it!  Say  to this person, “I am sending this Light of Love to you today because I love you and because God/Source loves you.  Use this in any way you choose for your highest good.  This is given this to you freely.  We Love You.”

Gently release the beam of light and ‘come back’ to your present room and physical awareness.  Sit for a moment, and give thanks that you have given them the best gift ever…..the gift of divine Love.


“Beloved, let us Love one another because Love is of God….God is Love” –  1 John 4:7,8

“And above all these put on Love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.” – Colossians 3:14

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and Love. But the greatest of these is Love.” – 1 Corinthians 13:13

“If we Love one another, God remains in us, and this Love is brought to perfection in us.” – 1 John 4: 12

“Do everything in Love.” – 1 Corinthians 16:14


Sending you Love today – Joan Kappes

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Releasing the Real You

Living a “Come to the Edge Today” life gives us permission to wipe away falsehoods and offers us the freedom to claim and LIVE who we really are.  Below is a reflection that feels “good” AND also awakens the sense of deep knowing you already have of these Truths.


“I am made of Divine Light.  I give myself permission to shine.

I am Freedom.  I give myself permission to be free from __________(name it).  I am now free to fly and soar and experience the life of my dreams.

I am More.  I release everything in my past, present and future that holds me bondage to experiencing more of the real Me.

I am Love.  I give myself permission to feel Love flow in me, through me and as me.

I am Joy.  I give myself permission to feel, give and live true joy.”

Today’s “leaping” exercise:  Repeat this at least 10x per day:  “Today I give myself permission to be the real Me.”

Find opportunities (at least once per day) to ‘try on’ and ‘use’ the “You” that just came out of hiding (you know – the shining, free, loving, joyful You!)

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