An Easter Gift For You

You are Loved.

All is Well.


Today’s “leaping exercise“:  Unwrap this gift today and surround yourself in the blanket of its Truth:

I am unconditionally Loved by the Creator of the Universe.

All is Well….


“I have come that you might have Live and have it more abundantly” – John 10:10

Happy Easter from your ‘Come to the Edge Today’ family!

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And the Children Will Lead Us….

Today’s ‘Come to the Edge‘ reflection is beautifully, honestly and passionately presented by two contestants featured on “Britain’s Got Talent, 2012”.  I invite you to view the entire video, not just to experience their  amazing talent,  but more, to feel their love, care and loyalty to each other and to their passion for singing.

These ‘children’ will lead you to your heart’s center, to ‘the edge’ of your dreams.


Today’s “leaping exercise“:  Reflect, journal or meditate on the following:  What is my passion?  Do I live it every day no matter what?   If not, what baby steps I can take each day to move towards living my passion?  Who are the ‘support people’ in my life, like Charlotte to help support me so I can really ‘go for it’?  Do I base my actions on the judgments of others?  Am I willing to do what it takes, no matter what to live the life of my dreams?  TODAY IS MY DAY!

Grateful for their inspiration – Joan Kappes

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You, Life and Rocks – A Perfect Balance

Watch this short, inspiring video about a guy named Kent who creates sculptures by balancing rocks.  After viewing, I have something fun planned for you…


Ok, here’s the fun part:  What if you are the sculptor and your life, complete with a body, thoughts, desires, dreams, choices and circumstances are the rocks?

What if you truly are the sculptor and your natural state of being is one of balance – balance with everything – God/Source, your soul, your dreams, desires, talents, thoughts, Life!

My sister so wisely added: “The great thing is that we can build with the rocks of our choosing and disgard the rest. Rocks of judgement, criticism and condemnation don’t have to be part of our sculpture.  Instead, we can choose rocks of creation, good energy, appreciation and possibility! We get to choose the rocks and create the sculpture.”

Today’s “leaping” exercise:  Let’s watch the video again.  This time, imagine yourself as Kent, the sculptor.  Listen to his words.  Listen to his wisdom and process.  Feel his intention, energy and joy.  Pretend that he is you creating your life!

How was it? 🙂  Now, view it again, only this time be the sculptor of a specific dream you have.  Watch and feel yourself create that dream through Kent’s actions!  Really let yourself imagine, feel and create!

We have imagined today, thanks to Kent and his inspiring sculptures.  But, the thing is, you really are the sculptor of your life.  You have all the tools you need.  You have everything to allow and create the life of your dreams.  The question is…will you go for it?  Will you allow the master sculptor to come out and play?  (If you are reading this, I think you already are on your way!)

Kent’s Words of Sculpting Wisdom

I started just doing small ones

It slowly evolved

It’s very soothing because you are in a slowed down state of mind


Ignore the background chatter – you focus that out

Your balance is unique – others may watch and comment, but your balance is your own

Find the balance point

Find your center

You look at it and say, “I think this will work”.  When you actually try it and “Feel it” – then you’ll know

Look at it, play with it – you won’t know until you try it and actually “feel” it

Slowly, more slowly adjusting, feel for it, then start to let go

Then, give it the lightest tap

If it stays, it will probably stay.  If it tips, it may fall soon and needs to be adjusted more

If you’re not paying attention, the rocks can slip

Please enjoy their temporary sculptural quality

I’m beginning to remember now….

I want to try things…..


I love what you’re creating at the beachJoan Kappes


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Love’s Bottom Line

The bottom line?

No matter how you feel

No matter what you think

No matter what you’ve done or not done

The truth is….



You are Loved

You are Loved by the Creator of the Universe

You are made from Love

You are Love


Listen to your heart and you’ll discover that it already knows.  Intentionally coming to accept and believe this truth will change your life.  Today’s “leaping” exercise is designed to get you started or deepen your knowing.

Today’s “leaping” exercise:  A prayer to be repeated hourly.  Repetition is very powerful.  Repetition creates belief.  Repeat this prayer set as many times each hour as possible (a minimum of 5).  It’s ok if you do not “believe” it at the moment.  You are daring to “Come to the Edge Today” and allow this truth to seep into your thoughts and fears and current belief of unworthiness.  You are allowing yourself to re-member Who you are and Whose you are.

The prayer:  “I AM Loved.”

It is a prayer set repeated slowly 3 times.  First, place emphasis on “I” (I am loved)   Next, emphasize the “I AM” (I AM loved)  Third, emphasize the word “Loved” (I am Loved)

This truth will set you free.

You are made from Love- experience it!–Joan Kappes

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Faith & Imagination: It’s a ‘Verb’al Thing

Faith: (Merriam-Webster dictionary definition): Noun:  Firm belief in something for which there is no proof:  complete trust

Faith:  (Come to the Edge Today definition):  Verb: Firm belief in something with such trust that I allow myself to see it, experience it and become it from the end, prior to its evidence or manifestation

Living life as a verb rather than a noun is a leap in itself, isn’t it?  It means throwing away the view of ourselves as observer and reactor and instead, putting on the new perspective of ourselves as participant, creator and co-creator.

This is a major leap because when we think differently about ourselves, the transformation begins for re-membering Who we really are (and this is where the fun of living really begins!).  Living a life of faith (as a verb) means that we embrace and lay claim to the reality that we are NOW already worthy, Loved and part of the stream of Divine Love.  We acknowledge NOW that we are loved by a Creator who genuinely wants to co-create with us.

At this point, some may be thinking, “Why would I consider myself worthy and loved NOW, much less being an active participant in allowing my dreams to come true, especially since I do not believe that I deserve it.  In fact, I knowingly or unknowingly gather evidence reinforcing how undeserving I am!”  But here is the thing:  We are invited to see and experience life from God-The Creator’s point of view, not our often cloudy one.  And, from the Creator’s point of view, we are already worthy and unconditionally loved.  Faith is a backwards thing, really. Faith is seeing, feeling and experiencing the ‘end’ at the beginning. It feels awkward and tricky at first, but once you commit to seeing yourself as a ‘worthy verb’ (!) NOW, you’ll never experience life in the same way again!  You will have climbed out of the unworthy, onlooker hole and you will consciously create the life you intended.  You will fly (just as the Creator intended)!

Let’s look at some examples of people who lived their faith as a verb, daring to see themselves as worthy and loved, thereby opening themselves to the experience of co-creating their dream:

Mahatma Gandhi:  He had a vision of a free India, liberated through non-violence.  He dared to dream it, declare it, and grow with it.  His prayer, actions and life were a reflection of seeing and becoming ‘the end’ prior to its manifestation.

Mother Teresa:  Her vision was creating something out of nothing – and she did.   Her passion and creation were to serve the poorest of the poor in Calcutta. She envisioned it, prayed it, claimed it and co-created it with God prior to its manifestation; and manifest, it did!

Nelson Mandela:  He dreamed of his beloved South Africa free of apartheid.  He imagined it.  Declared it.  Became it (during 27 years in prison).  In the end, he experienced the manifestation of a free South Africa.

These three are living proof that faith, lived as a verb, is more than hope or a strong belief.  They dared to dream it, experience it and become it ‘from the end’, prior to its evidence or manifestation. We are invited to be the same!  Yet, how does one begin to be transformed from an onlooker to an active creator?  How does one change from a belief of unworthiness to a ‘knowing’ of being loved?  How does one change from a noun to a verb?

We have the tools already!  One of the most powerful….Imagination!

What does this have to do with it?  Actually, everything.  Imagination is the Creator’s tool.  Everything is born from it.  (Take a few minutes to think about this and you’ll discover how wonderfully true this is!)

Read the first chapter of Genesis – Imagination at its best!

Look at the stars – Imagination!

Look at a baby – Imagination!

Look at the ocean – Imagination!

Look at You – Imagination!

Becoming a master ‘Imagineer’ is key to faith (as a verb), creating and manifesting.  Imagining with our heart and soul, blended with Love is how we transform the view of ourselves from unworthy to worthy, from unloved to Loved, from onlooker to creator.  How to begin?  See ‘the end’ from the beginning – Imagine!

Today’s “leaping” exerciseExercise #1 It is important to understand imagination as a tool; the first part of this exercise is to explore how imagination is used.  Read the first chapter of Genesis.  Read it imagining God/Love creating through the tool called imagination.  Notice how it works.  Notice the power of it.  Notice the fun of it.  Next, take a tour of your home.  Notice 10 items you have acquired.  Remember when you first imagined them, your initial thoughts about them.  Recall the story line of how they came to be present.  If you took action in their acquisition, how did your imagination play a role?  Keep playing with this idea of imagination as a key creative tool until you are comfortable with this new idea.

Exercise #2:  These simple tools will help in developing your imagination:  The “What if” tool:  Begin your sentences (especially those that are ‘out there’ dreams or something you think is still beyond your reach).  For example:  “What if I were to travel to Europe this year”?  “What if I were to land my dream job in the next 6 months?”  “What if I were to meet the person I have been dreaming of this year?” “What if I really am worthy and loved?”  This is a powerful tool to use because it tells your mind/ego that you are just ‘pretending’  (your ego will never grasp this seeing-it-from-‘the-end’-idea, so it’s a good way to fool it!)

Another tool:  Begin your sentences with “Imagine that….”  “Imagine that I were to finish my college degree, free and clear of student loans!”  “Imagine that I had more free time to…..”.  Then, allow yourself to flow with the dream.  Since, at this point you are ‘just imagining’, let it take you to new heights and feelings of having it already come true.  One additional tool:  Use the preface “Pretend that”…..

Use these often as they can lead you to unleashing the creative power of your imagination.

Exercise #3:  Now that you are familiar with imagination tools, let’s do an important exercise for seeing ‘the end’ from the beginning:  Athletes use this tool when preparing for their event.  They actually see themselves at the finish line.  They imagine and ‘become’ the experience.  From this stance, they begin their race.  The apostle, Paul also used this tool as he spread the Gospel message:  “Just one thing, forgetting what lies behind, but straining forward to what lies ahead, I continue my pursuit toward the goal, the prize of God’s upward calling..” (Philippians 3: 13,14).

Find a quiet, uninterrupted spot.  Close your eyes and imagine something you want to experience – an event, a relationship, job, etc.  Imagine with as much detail as possible.  Use all your senses.  How does it look?  Feel?  Hear?  Imagine it as though complete.  Be as detailed as you can.  Imagine it as if it were real.  “Become” it.  Revel in it.

“Becoming” happens with persistence.  Repeat, Repeat, Repeat, Repeat!!! Developing this technique and allowing yourself to become your dream is essential for living the life you intended.

“…you must assume in confidence that this new state of consciousness will become incarnated through your absolute fidelity to the assumption that you are that which you desire to be.” – Goddard Neville

As with Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Mandela, be patient and persistent.  Be faithful to this Creator’s gift and it will be faithful to you – Joan Kappes

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Joy – How to Experience It Everyday!

As I live my life at “The Edge”, I’ve noticed that all of us are really after one thing – Joy.  If you think about it for just a few minutes, isn’t this true?  What we accumulate, the relationships we’re in or yearn for, the jobs, hobbies and interests we pursue, the religions we encounter, the spirituality we experience – don’t all provide the hope, promise and/or experience of true joy and happiness? Some endeavors lead to real Joy and others to dead ends, but the bottom line is, we want to experience Joy.

Joy is a gift offered 24/7 to every person on the planet.  No two experiences of Joy are the same and it matters not a person’s physical condition, political or religious leaning, place of residence, emotional state or IQ.  Isn’t that simply amazing?

“Yeah, but how do I claim it when my life is falling apart, or when the world is on the brink of (pick a tragedy)?  What if Joy is becoming an endangered species?  What if another person is getting all the Joy and there is little left for me?”

How do we come to experience Joy on a consistent basis?  Living at “The Edge”, there are certain leaps of belief that, if taken will lead you to your Joy.  They are:  Joy is a gift given to me to be experienced daily.  Joy flows to me and through me.  Joy is unique to everyone.  There is a never ending supply of Joy to be experienced in my lifetime.

Coming to believe that the gift of Joy is meant for me (and you), the process for experiencing Joy is simple:

Become aware of it in your life

Acknowledge it when you feel it

Allow yourself to experience it when you feel it

“Milk it” so it grows and grows to become the predominant lived experience in your daily life

Below is the simple “Joy Exercise” – a step-by-step process for daily experiencing true Joy.

Today’s “leaping” exercise:  The Joy Exercise:  The beauty of this exercise is that absolutely everyone can use this!  EVERYONE!

Let’s “leap” to it!

  1. Carry a notebook with you for at least 30 days (a computer works too).  This will be extremely helpful for you as a trigger for your intention to look for and experience Joy throughout the day.  It will also serve as a reminder down the road as evidence of Joy already in your life (in case you need a reminder!) There is power in knowing that you need to write something in your notebook once each hour!  It tells your mind to look for evidence (and you know what – it finds it!!)
  2. Each hour (yes!  Each hour!) stop for 60 seconds with the intention of noticing a joyful moment that occurred during the previous 60 minutes.  I promise you, there will be at least one experience!  Write what happened and how you felt in your notebook.  There are no right or wrongs here.  The point is to train yourself to recognize, allow, then experience Joy flowing through you.   Example:  10AM.  Meeting with staff.  Noticed that everyone was involved and contributing.  I felt good about contributing!   Another example:  8PM:  Missing my family.  Spent a few minutes sending love and prayers to them.  Felt peace and joy while doing this.  One more example:  2PM Very difficult budget meeting.  Felt a little glimmer of peace as I gave it my best efforts.  (You’ll notice that the word “Joy” may not be the word you choose.  This is ok as one feeling and intention (even if it is not quite Joy yet) builds on another until in time, Joy becomes the dominant reality within
  3. At the end of each day, read from your notebook and experience these moments again.  Remember, you are practicing the feeling of Joy in your life using YOUR life’s experiences.  If this is new to you, be patient.  It will come.  It’s ok if it feels awkward at first.  For those who already know Joy, use this to deepen your awareness and experience.
  4. Learn to “milk” the feeling of Joy.  Allow it to grow and grow in the moment you are experiencing it or through recalling the experience later – reliving the feeling and expanding it.  Use your imagination and allow the Joy to become bigger and bigger! (Isn’t being human a wonderful thing?  Not only do we get to experience Joy-filled moments real time, we get to recall them and make them even more Joy-Full!)

I have a few additional tips for getting started.  I discovered them via falling off a ladder, severing the ACL in my knee which led to knee surgery.  Following is what I’ve learned from the therapist’s approach to my healing:

Begin therapy where “I am at”.  In other words, begin exercises with what my body is able to do

Progress slowly with a few repetitions, then build as my body becomes accustomed to the exercise and gains strength

Consistency is key!!!

Each exercise has a specific purpose

Each exercise session benefits the overall healing.  I became aware of this after about day 20 when I noticed when I did and did not exercise.  My body advised me how to feel better!

So many simple and clever tools to benefit my healing.  For example, an exercise ball to keep my back supported.  A phone book as a simple step for strengthening my quads.  A piece of latex banding for helping to extend my knee.  Simple.  Powerful

One exercise builds upon another.  Beginning small, then expanding is an amazing process to watch and experience

Building awareness of listening to what my body is communicating is also very useful

So, what does this have to do with our “Joy Exercise”?  Developing the habit of feeling and flowing Joy is similar.  Begin where you are at.  Progress slowly; allow your mind and heart to begin to work together.  Consistency is key!!!!!  Trust that each entry in your notebook is there for a specific purpose and benefit.  Trust that the simple exercise of recording 8-10 times per day is powerful and will make a long lasting impact.  Know that this exercise is the first step and other inspirations will follow.  Use it to build awareness of Joy in your life!    20-30 days from now, there’s no telling where you and Joy will be!

Life at “The Edge” is indeed, a journey in Joy! –Joan Kappes

For additional information, inspiration and “how to’s on bringing more joy into your life, I highly recommend “Living with Joy” by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer

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She Let Go

She let go.

Without a thought or a word,

she let go.  She let go of the fear.

She let go of the judgments.  She

let go of the confluence of

opinions swarming around her

head.  She let go of the committee

of  indecision within her.  She let

go of all the ‘right’ reasons.

Wholly and completely, without

hesitation or worry, she just let go.

She didn’t ask anyone for advice.

She didn’t read a book on how to

let go.  She didn’t search the

scriptures.  She just let go.  She let

go of all the memories that held

her back.  She let go of all the

anxiety that kept her from moving

forward.  She let go of the

planning and all of the

calculations about how to

do it just right.

She didn’t promise to let go.  She

didn’t journal about it.  She didn’t

write the projected date in her

Day-Timer.  She made no public

announcement and put no ad in

the paper.  She didn’t check the

weather report or read her daily

horoscope.  She just let go.

She didn’t analyze whether she

should let go.  She didn’t call her

friends to discuss the matter.  She

didn’t do a five-step Spiritual

Mind Treatment.  She didn’t call

the prayer line.  She didn’t utter

one word.  She just let go.

No one was around when it

happened.  There was no applause

or congratulations.  No

one thanked her or praised her.

No one noticed a thing.  Like a

leaf falling from a tree, she just

let go.  There was no effort.  There

was no struggle.  It wasn’t good

and it wasn’t bad.  It was what it

was, and it is just that.

In the space of letting go, she let

it all be.  A small smile came over

her face.  A light breeze blew through her.  And the sun and the

moon shone forevermore…


(Attributed to Reverend Safire Rose)


Today’s “leaping exercise”:  Allow yourself 15+ minutes of uninterrupted time.  Surround yourself with items that help you feel comfortable (a blanket, pillow, candle).  Quietly breathe in and out, in and out.  Allow your mind to become quiet. Slowly and quietly, read it imagining that this is your story.  Read it out loud and experience it as ‘you’.  When finished, close your eyes and let yourself ‘go’ in whatever way your are inspired.  Experience the feeling.  Experience the well-being.  Experience….you.

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