The Night Before Christmas


The MAGIC of  this Christmas Eve  is more than memories, more than celebrating the Christmas story,  more than gifts and preparations – oh, SO much more!

THIS Christmas is for celebrating  who we are,  just as we  are (!) –  reaching out – giving and receiving Love to those who are in our life TODAY.  We don’t have to be an angel, a wise one or even a child to feel the mystery and magic of the Love enveloping us today.

Enjoy this beautiful song,  by Amy Grant The Night Before Christmas (click link to listen)

If sorrow has “kept you company and the dance has passed you by”, rather than being a spectator,  reach out to someone today  who can help “lift you up and blaze with you across a moonlit sky”.  If you are already dancing and celebrating, lift another who would like to fly but at this time, cannot.  The point is,  today is the day to allow Love – no matter its form.  Be surprised by who and how it will touch you.  Know that Love is here for you…..Now.

“The heart of this Christmas is in you and me” – Joan Kappes

YouTube – The Night Before Christmas, Amy Grant

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My Favorite Things

favorite things2Christmas is a time for allowing our favorite things: Joy, Delight, Laughter and Smiles!  The ingredients for joy surround us – the question is whether we 1. see them 2. allow them to touch us.

So, to get things started, I thought I’d share a few of my “favorite things”.  I hope you enjoy these simple delights of the season and I invite you to experience your own “favorite things”!

“Silent Monks Singing Halleluia” (over 5 million views on YouTube!) 

This is our Yorkie Poo, Stuart on YouTube singing with the “Barking Jingle Bell” Dogs!


1.4 million Christmas lights – Delightful!

Today’s “leaping” exercise:  Today, find at least one opportunity to laugh, giggle and “lighten up’!  (For those of you more experienced at this, find 100 opportunities!)  Then, let-go and laugh!

Here’s to joy and delight – the “stuff” of life at Come to the Edge Today – Joan Kappes

Photo courtesy of google images

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Top 20 Reasons Why Gratitude is the Best Christmas Gift


Thankfulness –  Gratitude – Appreciation

3 words that shape lives.  We use them frequently during this Christmas/Holiday season:  “Thanks for the gift”, “I appreciate your help”, “I am grateful for your presence here tonight”.  These words and ways of “being” are exceptional tools for creating a “Come to the Edge Today” life, so how can we fully experience their power and their depth?

Following are 20 reasons why and how to live each day with gratitude, thanksgiving and appreciation*:

  1. Living a thank-full life just feels good!
  2. Gratitude is the “magic pill” – when feeling bad, physically or emotionally, give thanks!  You are guaranteed to feel better!
  3. Living in a spirit of appreciation, there is a natural expectation that good things are always coming my way
  4. Gratitude opens a pathway for receiving love
  5. Thankful living opens your heart to new solutions and new ideas
  6. Thanksgiving takes you out of your mind thoughts and moves you to your “heart thoughts”
  7. Because the mind can only hold one thought at a time,  it is impossible to be grateful and feel sorry for yourself at the same time (try it!).  Therefore, gratitude is the perfect tool for getting you “unstuck” from negative/self pitying thoughts
  8. Appreciation calls forth all the senses.  For example, stopping to appreciate what you are seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, smelling and feeling allows the moment to become exceptionally “alive” and rich
  9. Gratitude slows down a busy day because you are pausing to be aware of what is before you
  10. Gratitude instantly provides a new and bigger perspective about the topic
  11. Being thank-full is fun (life is supposed to be fun, remember?)
  12. You get what you think about
  13. Living in a spirit of appreciation, you are living in the present moment.  Even if you are appreciating past or future events, the grateful moment is “now”.
  14. Because of quantum physics, it is now known that the cells of your body respond favorably to positive thoughts
  15. Appreciation opens new paths for receiving
  16. Gratitude tells the Universe you want more
  17. Thankfulness creates positive habits which shapes your behavior
  18. Gratitude grows – you can start small and expand
  19. You will enjoy yourself (and others) more
  20. But mostly, feeling grateful just feels good!

*The words gratitude, appreciation and thankfulness are used interchangeably for this conversation).

Today’s “leaping” exercise:  Prior to gathering for your Christmas/New Year celebrations, spend 15 minutes alone with the intention of thinking ONLY thoughts of gratitude for the people you will be spending time with.   Then, pause your thoughts for a few minutes and try to “feel” appreciation, “feel” gratitude.  Remember to use all of your senses.   Repeat daily and enjoy!

Grateful that together,  we  have “Come to the Edge Today”  –  Joan Kappes

Photos courtesy of Tinypic

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Where are You Christmas?

“Where are you Christmas?  Why can’t I find you?  I’ve looked everywhere – I’ve been to the Mall of America – the largest mall in the US and I didn’t find you there.  I visited Santa at 3 different malls and you weren’t there either.  I checked off everything on my “to do” list when I finally finished at 2 AM and only felt emptiness.  WHERE ARE YOU?  I’m doing everything they said I should do to have a “Merry Christmas”, but I don’t feel a thing.  I’m disappointed.  I’m sad.  I can’t find you.  I have changed.  I have grown up.”

“Whoa!  My darling child, don’t you know that all of the “to do” lists and carols, gifts and decorations – everything you’ve  been told to do in order to have a Merry Christmas have meaning only AFTER it flows from your heart?”

“Oh, but how do I get it to flow from my heart?  How do I feel you?  I purchased 5 books on “how to” have a great holiday and it said nothing about Christmas first “flowing from my heart”!  You must be out there, somewhere!  Perhaps another mall…..”

“You can only see me “out there” if you feel me and experience me first on the inside.  I am the still, small voice in your heart – not in your head or on the loud speaker at the mall.  You’ll recognize me when you relax and let go of all those ‘shoulda’, ‘coulda’, ‘oughta’s’.  You’ll feel your heart warm when you slow down and spend time within.  All the lasting gifts you really want are stored there and they are all ready for you to unwrap!   When you spend time within, you will at last feel your worth.  Feeling this, you will be filled with genuine love.  With that “knowing”, THEN go to the mall and celebrate FROM that love; you’ll feel me and see me everywhere!!  Christmas is an ‘inside job’.  It may seem awkward at first, but oh,,,,,,,,,,Ho, Ho, Ho, you’ll find the Christmas that never ends there!”

 Today’s “leaping” exercise:   Before going to the mall, baking, writing cards or the many items on your “to do” list, allow yourself 15 minutes to relax in a quiet place.  Put on some quiet music, or just enjoy the silence.  Breathe slowly ….in and out, in and out at least 10 times.  Try to quiet your mind by focusing on your breathing.  Relax.  Relax.  Visualize your heart being surrounded by love (this can be in the form of visualizing a light beam, or musical notes, or anything that represents love to you).  Then, think of the people you will be shopping, baking or preparing for.  Include them into your love-heart circle.  Again, focus on the visualization rather than on activating new thoughts.  Allow yourself to feel the experience and feel the love that is being generated there.  Next, feel gratitude for yourself and these people.  Allow yourself to feel the love generating from this visualization.  When you feel you are complete, take a few moments to enjoy your new state of being……….then, in love, go shopping!

Loving Christmas from the inside – Joan Kappes

Video by YouTube  Phoos via Google Images

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Believe and Fly!

“Believe in what your heart is saying

Hear the melody that’s playing.

There’s no time to waste

There’s so much to celebrate

Believe in what you feel inside

Give your dreams the wings to fly

You have everything you need

If you just Believe”

The one thing I know about humans is that we are magnificent dreamers!  We ALL dream – every day – every hour; we can’t help ourselves – it is who we are.  Dreams originate in our heart and are communicated through the guidance of our feelings and the gentle nudging which comes from within.

Somewhere along the way, we internalized this silly notion that dreaming must be relegated to a minor corner of our life reserved for “someday”, vacations and perhaps Christmas (if children are present).  The messages from the heart urging us to follow our dreams have been so quieted by our logical mind, adulthood, “the way things are” and on and on that we no longer hear much of anything.

But wait… there is this faint melody playing – like bells in the distance.  At first we do not recognize it.  In time, we do hear a faint noise which grows louder and louder.  It now rings crisply and beautifully from our heart and  – yes, our head now acknowledges it too! Finally, it is strong and persistent, not willing to leave us again.  At last we acknowledge it – “OK, dream of my heart, I hear you!”  Excitement grows within us – can it be that MY dreams will come true?

Yes!  However, an acknowledged dream must be allowed to fly or it will wither.  We must give it permission to fly!  We must let go of our logic, our fears, our doubts and let go – we must give flight to our dreams and SOAR WITH IT!  We have “Come to the Edge” and now it is time to fly!

Once you let go, you soar and the creative forces of the Universe will be the wind beneath your wings.  They will carry you to places far beyond your dreaming – if you just believe AND if you let go and give your dreams the wings to fly!

(After all, you DO have everything you need; it’s been with you all the time).

Today’s “leaping” exercise:

bird notesSpend time alone writing all the dreams you remember and/or those you have now.  Acknowledge them.  Be grateful for them.  Listen to their melody and allow its volume to grow.  With these in mind, relax, either sitting or lying down with your eyes closed as you listen to the song “Come to the Edge Today” (click the link to hear the song).  Visualize yourself as the traveler (holding your dreams in your hand).  In the hours and days to come, be aware of the opportunities to fly.  (Believe me, the opportunities will present themselves!)  Eagerly anticipate your flight!  Allow it!

Enjoying the beautiful melodies we all are playing – Joan Kappes

You Tube:  “Believe”  Images:  Google

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A Gift of Simple Wisdom

Christmas is the season of giving and receiving, the season of sharing traditions, stories and wisdom from both the young and the old.  I’d like to share 45 of the most simple, life changing words of wisdom from a woman who lives her life at “The Edge”.  Her wisdom is a gift to us all.

Written by Regina Brett, of the Plain Dealer, Cleveland, Ohio .

“To celebrate growing older, I once wrote the 45 lessons life taught me. It is the most requested column I’ve ever written.”

1. Life isn’t fair, but it’s still good.

2. When in doubt, just take the next small step.

3. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.

4. Your job won’t take care of you when you are sick. Your friends and parents will. Stay in touch.

5. Pay off your credit cards every month.

6. You don’t have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.

7. Cry with someone. It’s more healing than crying alone.

8. It’s OK to get angry with God. He can take it.

9. Save for retirement starting with your first paycheck.

10. When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile

11. Make peace with your past so it won’t screw up the present.

12. It’s OK to let your children see you cry.

13. Don’t compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.

14. If a relationship has to be a secret, you shouldn’t be in it.

15. Everything can change in the blink of an eye. But don’t worry; God never blinks.

16. Take a deep breath. It calms the mind.

17. Get rid of anything that isn’t useful, beautiful or joyful.

18. Whatever doesn’t kill you really does make you stronger.

19. It’s never too late to have a happy childhood. But the second one is up to you and no one else.

20. When it comes to going after what you love in life, don’t take no for an answer.

21. Burn the candles, use the nice sheets, wear the fancy lingerie. Don’t save it for a special occasion. Today is special.

22. Over prepare, then go with the flow.

23. Be eccentric now. Don’t wait for old age to wear purple.

24. The most important sex organ is the brain.

25. No one is in charge of your happiness but you.

26. Frame every so-called disaster with these words ‘In five years, will this matter?’

27. Always choose life.

28. Forgive everyone everything.

29. What other people think of you is none of your business.

30. Time heals almost everything. Give time time.

31. However good or bad a situation is, it will change.

32. Don’t take yourself so seriously. No one else does.

33. Believe in miracles.

34. God loves you because of who God is, not because of anything you did or didn’t do.

35. Don’t audit life. Show up and make the most of it now.

36. Growing old beats the alternative — dying young.

37. Your children get only one childhood.

38. All that truly matters in the end is that you loved.

39. Get outside every day. Miracles are waiting everywhere.

40. If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back.

41. Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need.

42. The best is yet to come…

43. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.

44. Yield.

45. Life isn’t tied with a bow, but it’s still a gift.

Today’s “leaping” practice:  Choose the top 3 that “speak to you”.  Decide to live them everyday for the next 21 days.  Repeat.  Enjoy.  Live!

Gratefully discovering life’s wisdom at “The Edge” – Joan Kappes

Photos courtesy of Tinypic

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Creating “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

It’s all in the eye of the beholder, isn’t it?  What is wonderful to one person may be perceived as a disaster to another.  One person may see Christmas as something dreadful to endure and the person next to them may experience it as a season of love, peace and magic.

The beauty of it – We each create the holiday we experience by what we choose to focus upon!  Yup – when you live a “Come to the Edge Today” life, that’s all there is for determining how this holiday will turn out.  Circumstances that surround us are just circumstances.  There may be sadness, heartbreak and disappointment while in the same moment, there is also love, peace, joy and a million other gifts. All are present and it is our free choice to decide where to focus.  (Such a gift we have been given – the gift to choose!)

Today’s “leaping” exercise: 

Here is the recipe for creating “Your Most Wonderful Time of the Year”:

1.  Decide which aspects of the holiday you want and intend to experience (Examples:  I intend to see and experience joy, or I want to experience gratitude, or I intend to see and experience kindness, or participate in bringing Christmas cheer to others, etc.)

2.  Believe that opportunities to experience these aspects will frequently present themselves

3.  Intend to recognize and act upon the opportunities when they present themselves:  “Today, no matter where I am going or what I am doing, it is my intention to see and experience these aspects

4.  Expect to see evidence of these aspects.   Anticipate opportunities to experience them

5.  Be open to the unexpected

6.  Commit to creating your most wonderful holiday no matter the circumstances

7.  Relax!  Allow yourself to enjoy the creation of your Christmas and New Year!

8.  Live knowing that your life is lived moment by moment!  As you purposely live these moments based upon the aspects you have chosen to experience, they will build and grow and blossom –  not just at Christmas or New Years, but every moment of every day.

May you “Come to the Edge” this season and choose to experience the gladness of Christmas which is hope, the spirit of Christmas which is peace and the heart of Christmas which is Love!

Enjoying my most wonderful time of the year – Joan Kappes

YouTube:  Christmas:  The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (used for educational purposes only)

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