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Episode 20:  “How to Experience a Joy Full Holiday Season”

Commit to spend a minimum of 15 minutes at the beginning and 15 minutes at the end of each day specifically focusing upon one thing that gives you peace and joy.  Some ideas:  Music***, inspirational readings, silence, journaling, etc.  Only you know what gives you peace and joy so just choose one and stay with it during that time period.  You may choose the same topic or choose a different one for the next 15 minute section.  The purpose of this time is to focus and receive peace and joy and experience the well-being that is You.  If you have time in the middle of the day to gift yourself with more, then go for it!  This small amount of time will reframe your outlook on those “to do” lists.  You will be invigorated and now have the opportunity to approach those wanted (and unwanted) tasks with a new outlook and a new sense of purpose to the season.  Allow yourself the time to experience peace and joy.

Episode 18:  Interview with Lori Crow

‘There is a gift in everything’.  Number 1-10 in your journal, and fill in with 10 life experiences you’ve had (any 10 experiences, large or small will do).  Gratefully acknowledge the gift in each and record as many gifts for each as you can.  Read your completed list.  THEN, decide to view your days with this new lens of gratitude (or increase your gratitude even more)!

Lori’s reflection: “Life’s Magnificent Quilt”

Episode 16 & 17:  The Power of Your ‘I AM’

Thirteen year old’s ‘I AM’ list:  http://cometotheedgetoday.com/2014/04/02/power-i-am/

Purchase the book, ‘Dare to Be Authentic, Finding Your Authentic Self’

 Episode 15:  Conversations with Joan at ‘The Edge’ – 5: Remembering the Joy that is You!/Joy Meditation

  1. If you were to draw ‘joy’, what does it look like?  What colors would you use?  What size would it be?
  2. Where and when do you experience joy?
  3. Where do you not experience joy?
  4. What are you focusing upon when you experience joy?  (try to get to 100!)  What are you thinking?  Doing?  Not doing?  What is your state of being?  (Notice!)
  5. How would you describe joy to other people?
  6. What does joy power do for you in your life?
  7. Why do we like the feeling of joy so much?
  8. What brings you real joy?
  9. For you, is there a difference between happiness and joy?  If so, what is the difference?
  10. Is there a difference between your experience of external joy and internal joy?
  11. If you were alone on an island, could you experience your joy?
  12. Is joy on ‘your radar’ as you experience your day?
  13. On a scale of 1-10, how aware are you of joy in your life?
  14. On a scale of 1-10, how aware are you that you are made of the essence of joy?

    Episode 14: Conversations with Joan at ‘The Edge’ – 4: #1 Tool for Experiencing Your Joy

    Using your ‘My Joy Filled Life’ journal (or any other journal you have) commit to recalling and feeling gratitude for 20 experiences, events, feelings, happenings, or states of being that you experience today.  Repeat daily.  Notice how you feel when you record these.  In a few days, notice how this is changing your awareness of ‘looking’ for things to be grateful for.  Notice how this is changing your attitude and way of being.  Consistency is key, so 20 items each day is important for lasting change (and joy!)

    Episode 13: Interview with Lilly Rodriguez

    Building your awareness muscle around fun, play and joy.

    Journal:  Spend 5-10 minutes for each word (fun, play, joy) – write anything that comes to mind.  Do not judge, ponder or critique – just write.  15 minutes for all 3.  Then, read and discover and become aware.  Why do this?  Because this exercise is fabulous for uncovering beliefs and for discovering the rudder that runs your boat around these words.  Decide if these are beliefs that serve you or not.  If so, foster them!  If not, commit to catching yourself when you think them – and decide to focus on a new thought, which in time, will become your new belief.

    Episode 12: Interview with Amy Carter

    Daily Meditation: Click this Link

    Episode 11:  Conversations with Joan at ‘The Edge’ – 3: “Letting Go”

    ‘She Let Go’ Poem and Meditation:  Click this Link

    Episode 10: Conversations with Joan at ‘The Edge’ – 2:“How to” Experience a Fabulous Life

    Part 1:  How to Experience a Fabulous Life – Part 1: http://cometotheedgetoday.com/2014/02/18/experience-fabulous-life-choice-focus/

    Part 2:  How to Experience a Fabulous Life – Part 2:  http://cometotheedgetoday.com/2014/03/05/experience-fabulous-life-part-2-focus-choice/

    Episode 8 – Interview with Janet Nestor 

    What are you passionate about?

    Our inner GPS can get off track if our thinking gets off track. After all, it is very easy to get so caught up in our day to day lives that we let our passions get lost in spite of our best efforts to keep them front and center.

    Try this. Make a list of your heart’s passions. It might be your family, your art, your music, walking in the woods, riding your bike, watching the sunrise.

    Don’t do a lot of thinking, just start jotting down the things you feel very strongly about: Things you don’t want to live without. Things that fill up the empty spots deep down inside. Things that make you feel like you want to dance, sing and shout “I LOVE LIFE”!  Use the space below.

    Now that you have your list, pick two, three, or all of the passions you’ve jotted down, and expand your thinking. Ask: Why is this so important to me?  How is it that this fills me up and causes such joy to spring from my heart?  Let your thoughts and feelings flow from your heart and soul and just go with your own momentum. You’ll soon find out which ones are essential to your being your very best self and are essential to you continuing to grow your own love, joy, and happiness! Happy Passion Building!

    See Janet’s Passion About … article at       http://mindfulpathways.com/passionate-about/  

    Episode 6 – Interview with Janet Tyler Johnson – Part 2


    1.  If you had more money than you knew what to do with (or if you had $100,000,000), what would you do differently with your life?
    2. If you found out today that you only had 5 (healthy) years to live, what would what you change, what would you do differently, what would you do?
    3. If you only had 24 hours left to live, what would you regret that you had not done, been or become?


    Episode 5:  Interview with Janet Tyler Johnson – Part 1 

    Intention:  Discovering the essence of ‘what is wanted’ by playing the ‘What is wanted’ game’.  Why play this game?  It’s important to know the essence, because the Universe will deliver the essence of what we want in unique ways, which may be different than how we think it will come.  If you are aware of the essence of what you want, and you have built up that ‘awareness’ muscle we have been developing together, you will recognize the gifts you are receiving (some may be subtle and some not so subtle) and the experience of your aliveness and joy will be greatly experienced!

    Use your ‘My joy-filled life’  journal or notebook  you’ve been using for these leaping exercises.  If you don’t have one yet, you can start yours today.

    Begin by writing one thing you want to experience:   ‘I want to ……………..”  For example:  “I want to travel” or “I want a new job”, or “I want to begin my own business.”

    Next, write, “What is the essence of this?”  (in other words,  What will having this give me? )

    Write down as many reasons as you can imagine.  At this point, try to keep the answers more general and ‘feeling’ in nature (so you know how you want to feel by having it).  Keep the answers positive (example:  I like the freedom I feel when I travel, vs I don’t have to be at work when I travel.)

    Here’s an example:  I want to travel.  What is the essence of this?  What will having this give me? When I travel I feel alive, free and adventurous!  I feel prosperous and connected and bursting with excitement

    You can continue playing this game with as many desires as you want.  Have fun!  Be playful and get into the feeling of it!

     Episode 4:  Interview with Cassandra Lyons

    Intention:  Learn to become aware of and listen to your internal guidance.  Using your ‘My Joy-filled Life’ journal/notebook,  we’re going to play the Abraham-Hicks ‘Upstream/Downstream’ game.  To begin, list 10 thoughts that you are having (list them 1-10).  Write down those 10 thoughts:  (ex.:  I need to lose weight but I’m not disciplined, or I like having an extra day off from work, or  a co-worker leaves for work early every day and asks me to cover for her).

    Then ask yourself about each:  Is this an ‘upstream’ thought (meaning, it feels like I’m paddling upstream) or ‘downstream’ (meaning, it feels like more relief, like I’m going downstream in my boat).  (Example:  The ‘I need to lose weight but I’m not disciplined’ feels ‘upstream’.  The ‘I like having an extra day off from work’ feels ‘downstream’ and ‘a co-worker leaves for work early every day and asks me to cover for her’ most likely feels upstream.   With your 10 thoughts, ask yourself for each, does this feel upstream or downstream?   No need to judge it.  Just be aware of the feeling of each thought.

    The upstream feeling is your soul/inner self saying, ‘Turn the other way with that thought!”  and the ‘downstream feeling’ is your soul/inner self saying ‘Yes!  Go this way’, This is where you want to focus!’  Make a habit throughout the day of choosing a thought you’ve recently thought and ask yourself the upstream/downstream questions (do this randomly at least once an hour).  Commit to at least 30 days (cuz habits take time!).  You are laying the foundation for YOUR clarity which leads to higher levels of joy!

    Episode 3:  Interview with Danielle Dailey 

    Intention:  More practice developing your ‘awareness muscle’.  This week you are practicing becoming aware of what you do and do not want.  Using your ‘My Joy-filled Life’ journal/notebook: List 5 things that you know you do not want (ex. I don’t want to be bored. I don’t want to be short of money at the end of the month)
    Next, cross each one off and as you do, gently say, “Thank you for the awareness you have given me. I no longer require your services as I am refocusing my thoughts. Goodbye.” Next, write the opposite of those 5: write 5 things you DO want (ex. I want to be content and, I want to have $xxxx remaining after I pay my bills). Then, next to each of these, write: “This new thought feels better. I welcome this thought and will foster more and more thoughts like this one. Thank you”. Read these 5 new thoughts aloud daily and notice the shift in how you feel and in what happens around that topic. (Jot down those observations as you notice them).

    Episode 2: Interview with Jan Wikman

    Intention:  Practice developing your ‘awareness muscle’:  This week we are practicing becoming aware of what we think.  Using your ‘My Joy-Filled Life’ notebook (introduced in inaugural show), commit to writing 10 thoughts/day into your notebook.  These can be any thoughts that you notice.  Try to spread them out throughout the day, noticing for example, one thought per hour.   Jot down what the thought is and then jot down whether it is a thought that is ‘wanted’ or ‘unwanted’.  No need to judge or analyze, we are simply noticing the thought and deciding whether that is a ‘wanted’ or ‘unwanted’ thought.  By the end of the week, you will have 70 thoughts that you now have become aware of.  This is a simple, yet powerful first step in the uncovering of your joy path!  Email me with comments, insights, questions:  joankappes@gmail.com

    Inaugural Show – Interview with Joan Kappes & Raven Blair Davis

    • Purchase a new notebook/journal and label it “My Joy-filled Life”. Use this journal to jot down your daily observations of the suggestions listed below.  Be sure to date each entry as it will be useful in future ‘leaping’ exercises
    • The purpose of this exercise is to begin and/or strengthen your ‘awareness muscle’ around the experience of joy in your life.  Spend a week or more simply noticing (not judging) the following:
      • What causes you to smile?
      • What causes you to laugh?
      • What makes you feel lighter inside?
      • Who do you feel really good around?  Why?  Notice the energy/vibe you are picking up from them
      • Notice people in your life who you think are living at a higher joy level on their path
        • How are they being?
        • What is their focus?
        • What do you think is their focus of thought?


    *If you are a person who likes accountability and want to make sure you stay on track with developing your ‘awareness muscle’ of joy, feel free to email your observations and request for helping you to be accountable for this exercise.  My email: joankappes@gmail.com



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