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The Best Halloween Costume – Ever!

Published on October 30, 2013 By JoanK

I love Halloween!  It brings out the magic and playfulness in all of us, doesn’t it?  It’s no wonder Halloween has become a $7 billion dollar event! So, what to be this year?  I can be anything!  It’s a field day for my imagination!  I can be a genie, a princess, a doctor, a pirate, […]

It’s Time To Turn Off The Political Ads…Find Out Why…

Published on November 2, 2012 By JoanK

This campaign season’s ads are something, aren’t they?  Wow.  Can they get any more negative?  From the ad’s viewpoint, it seems that everyone is a crook, the electorate is incompetent (because clearly we ‘don’t understand’) and ‘the other side’ is out to get us all.  Hmmmm…Many of these thoughts never even occurred to me until […]

You Can Touch The Snake – A Lesson In Building Confidence

Published on June 1, 2012 By JoanK

Living a ‘Come to the Edge Today’ life includes seeing ourselves with new, expanded vision. It involves creating new beliefs and declarations of who I am.  It means shedding the skin of the “me” created years or decades ago (the one that doesn’t “fit” anymore). We may find ourselves asking: “How can I embrace the […]

And the Children Will Lead Us….

Published on April 3, 2012 By JoanK

Today’s ‘Come to the Edge‘ reflection is beautifully, honestly and passionately presented by two contestants featured on “Britain’s Got Talent, 2012”.  I invite you to view the entire video, not just to experience their  amazing talent,  but more, to feel their love, care and loyalty to each other and to their passion for singing. These […]

Let Your Firework Shine!

Published on July 1, 2011 By JoanK

Do you feel that spark within you?  It’s there, waiting to be ignited – by you! What is it that is bursting to be born?  If you are reading this, NOW is your time to ignite that light and let it shine! Declare your independence from unworthiness, fear and hesitation.  Declare that today you are […]

I Am An Oak Tree

Published on May 26, 2011 By JoanK

I am an Oak Tree A Poem by Joan Kappes I am an Oak Tree Content with being who I am with no desire of being another I am an Oak Tree My growth is slow, steady and sure     I am an Oak Tree My Roots are deep and wide I am an […]

You Have the Power – Vote!

Published on November 2, 2010 By JoanK

You have the power. You have the power to make a difference. Do you believe that? Start small. Take a small step. Know that one thing leads to another. The first step forward…. Is Yours. Today’s post (election day) is inspired by the Women (and Men) Suffragettes who worked tirelessly for women to have the […]