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The Perfect Halloween Costume

Published on October 31, 2017 By JoanK

Happy Halloween! Enjoy being……..You! It IS you! – Joan Kappes #IAMChoosingLove – Twitter    #IAMChoosingLove – Facebook group Subscribe to “Come to the Edge Today” to receive (via email) life-changing ‘how-to’s, inspiration, insights and as always, the invitation from Life to ‘Come to the Edge Today!’ so you can finally live your life in joy! See column at the right of […]

The Best Halloween Costume – Ever!

Published on October 30, 2013 By JoanK

I love Halloween!  It brings out the magic and playfulness in all of us, doesn’t it?  It’s no wonder Halloween has become a $7 billion dollar event! So, what to be this year?  I can be anything!  It’s a field day for my imagination!  I can be a genie, a princess, a doctor, a pirate, […]

Jack the Pumpkin King – My Halloween Hero

Published on October 28, 2010 By JoanK

“What’s This?” Tim Burton This year, I am going as “Jack the Pumpkin King” for Halloween.  Why?  Because I find his energy absolutely contagious! (and I’d like to be that tall for just one day!)  Below is my story and reflection of my “Come to the Edge Today” Halloween hero: A few years ago, my […]

Passionate Ghost Hunters On “The Edge”

Published on October 27, 2010 By JoanK

Why do 3 guys willingly lock themselves into dilapidated, dangerous and supposedly haunted buildings for 12 hours at a time with the intention of taunting and interacting with ghosts?  What causes Zak, Nick and Aaron of The Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures” to wander in pitch darkness (with the exception of the small video light) where paranormal […]

Jack and the Beanstalk – That’s Not How the Story Goes!

Published on October 8, 2010 By JoanK

Magic Beans by Peter Mayer****       (video by dvxbrian) Here at “Come to the Edge Today“, we know that hiding dreams in coat pockets is not how Your story goes (it’s not how my story goes either)! Just as fairytales such as Jack and the Beanstalk convey bits of  wisdom, we know that our hearts hold vast quantities of priceless wisdom too. […]