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Love Through The Looking Glass

Published on March 18, 2013 By JoanK

Love through the Looking Glass I drummed up enough courage to look at myself in the mirror.  I looked and saw…her.  This person so familiar, yet oftentimes, so distant.  I yearned to reach out.  Then, ever so timidly, I said, “I could easily fall in Love with you.” She said, “Thank you;  and will you […]

My Declaration of Freedom

Published on July 3, 2012 By JoanK

Now is your time to be free! Now is your time Now is your time Now is your time to let go Now is your time to let go of the habits of fear, insecurity, sameness Now is your time to let go of it all and release whatever is holding you back Now is […]

The Two Most Powerful Words: ‘I Choose’

Published on June 8, 2012 By JoanK

Words have power! They are born from our thoughts and our thoughts have great influence on the quality of our life. Yes, our thoughts influence our words, but did you know that words can also influence our thoughts, shift our focus and change our underlying beliefs? (It’s like magic, only better!) Two of the most […]

Faith & Imagination: It’s a ‘Verb’al Thing

Published on March 2, 2012 By JoanK

Faith: (Merriam-Webster dictionary definition): Noun:  Firm belief in something for which there is no proof:  complete trust Faith:  (Come to the Edge Today definition):  Verb: Firm belief in something with such trust that I allow myself to see it, experience it and become it from the end, prior to its evidence or manifestation Living life as […]

Love Will Find You

Published on January 20, 2012 By JoanK

Today, I’d like to share with you one of my favorite inspirations.  It is the song, “Love Will Find You” performed by the very talented duo, Storyhill.  The melody and lyrics contain amazing gifts! They remind us that no matter who we are or what we do, no matter where we are going or where […]

Imagine Connecting With Love’s Flow!

Published on November 16, 2011 By JoanK

Imagine……. Imagine connecting………….. Imagine connecting with Love’s 24/7 flow………… Let’s “Come to the Edge Today” and find out how! In “What is Prayer, Really?” I shared that for me, prayer is the receiving of unconditional Love given continuously by God/All-That-Is/Source.  Prayer is creating the space to receive and flow this amazing, sought after Love. Sounds […]